Clear You need to remember for mobile marketing 2021

Mobile marketing is the strategy of promoting products or services using mobile devices. Marketing through smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices can be done in a number of ways including email, text message (SMS), chat apps, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, QR codes and short video clips on Vine. Mobile marketing should not be looked at as one giant advertisement for your brand because it does not work that way.

The key to successful mobile marketing is to create content that engages people with certain interests or lifestyles that are connected to your product/service.

Mobile marketing is Strategy

Mobile phones are everywhere. See that person walking past your house? They almost certainly have a mobile device in their pocket! With so many of us using mobile devices (like phones and tablets) every single day, mobile marketing was an inevitable next step for the marketing industry.Mobile


People use their mobile phones in a different manner than when they’re on their laptop or desktop computer – which means marketing professionals have to adapt their approach accordingly. This article offers 3 considerations to keep in mind when marketing on mobile, and a few tips on how to rock your mobile marketing in 2020:

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Mobile Marketing Considerations

1. Size matters

People consume marketing content on their phones, on tablets, on laptops, PCs, and even their watches (what a time to be alive!). If mobile marketing ads aren’t dynamic in their ability to adapt to different screen sizes, they’ll most likely fail to hit the mark.

2. Integration

Mobile devices embody integration, and so should mobile marketing campaigns. By integrating other elements of the marketing mix with mobile, users will have consistent brand experiences at every touch point of the campaign.

3. Timing is key

We spend a lot of time on our mobile phones, but we’re not always plugged into the same channels. For example, many of us don’t look at social media until we get home from work. Half of mobile marketing success is knowing when to advertise and when not to.

How to rock mobile marketing

  • Leverage responsive design when building ads and crafting marketing content. Re-designing every advert for different screen sizes will take a lifetime. With responsive ads, you don’t have to at all. Google Ads allows marketers to effortlessly construct responsive PPC adverts simply by uploading a logo, a sample graphic, and text.
  • Integration should occur on the macro-marketing level but can also be focused on strictly mobile marketing. For example, your mobile marketing content can lead to a WhatsApp message, then to an accelerated mobile page (AMP), and then to a confirmation email, etc. All of these interactions should be possible on mobile phones.
  • Brainstorming audience and target market personas is critical to mobile marketing success. As yourself: who is my ideal customer? How old are they? Which mobile apps might they use? When do they browse the Internet and for what? This way, you’ll get a picture of where and when you should be facilitating your mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing offers higher click-through rates than desktop, and with so many people constantly on their mobile devices – mobile marketing has gone from a ‘nice-to-have’ in the marketing mix, to a ‘must-have’.

Different types of Messaging Apps

If you don’t have time to learn about all the different types of messaging apps available then we recommend hiring a professional who knows what they’re doing when it comes to digital marketing and advertising campaigns on these platforms. They should be able to help with everything from setting up adverts on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp right through to creating content for Twitter ads and Instagram stories too!

There are lots of things that go into running successful campaigns across multiple platforms so make sure you hire someone who has experience working with brands just like yours because otherwise your campaign might not work as well as expected which could mean losing money instead of making money online!

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