Podcast & How To Use in Digital Marketing Strategy

Podcast are a great way to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in your industry. Podcasts are also an excellent way to reach out to new customers and grow your customer base. But how do you find these podcasts? This blog post will share some tips on how you can use podcasts for your digital marketing strategy.

Podcast for your Digital Marketing

The podcast is a very interesting tool for your strategy. It is a format that, in addition to being different, can offer you many advantages. Today, there are so many types of formats that it is difficult to control everyone and know how we can get the most out of our digital marketing strategy. So we will see one of them – the podcast.

What is a podcast?

podcast is basically a periodic digital audio publication, although we can also find a video, which can be downloaded from the Internet. A key feature of this format is that it is episodic and usually has the basis of a specific topic.
The word comes from the iPod, the gadget with which they became popular, and Broadcast, which means “broadcast content.”
The advantages that we can find, in general, are:
– You can listen whenever you want.
– They are downloadable.
– Possibility of subscribing to a podcast and, therefore, receiving updates.
– It is fast and easy to produce.
But the biggest advantage we find is that audio is the safest and most comfortable format that can be consumed, without involving a dangerous distraction.

How do you create a podcast?

The first thing you should do is to meet your audience. Know how the listeners are going to have your podcast. In this way, you will know what kind of language you will need and the tone. You must be clear about the topic to be treated. And with that, the structure and duration of the podcast.
The third step, and very close to the second, would be to integrate it into your digital marketing strategy. This means that it must be consistent, talk about topics you are dealing with on the platforms and other types of content. Once all this is clear, it only remains to record it with a microphone. The better the sound equipment, the better the podcast. If you get a good team, you can get a professional finish.
Once recorded, the last step will be to edit it with some audio editing program, such as Audacity, to give it the last touch before sharing it with the followers.
How can it be used in a company’s digital marketing strategy?
First of all, it is interesting to know that the advantages of creating podcasts for a company are:
A text can be cold, but podcasts give voice to words and bring listeners closer to the company. It positions you as an expert on the subject being treated in the podcast, much faster than other content formats.
You engage better with them. As they entertain, you will improve your relationship with customers and get new ones. It is an effective way to generate community and build loyalty. You also get the listeners to subscribe and listen to the podcasts that the company is uploading.
It is a format that does not hinder. They decide when to consume it and where. It is nothing invasive. It is economical since, as we saw before, it only takes a sound system and some tools to edit it. There is less competition. There aren’t many companies that podcast for their consumers, not like blogs and YouTube channels, that there are thousands.
It is becoming more and more fashionable; it is a trend. It is not yet widespread, but it is a format with a lot of potentials.
Create a brand identity. This type of content helps brand’s branding, and your followers remind you of this. In addition, if you make quality content, you will become a reference. You will get your listeners to trust you.
As we have already seen, podcasts have many differential advantages. So the best way to include them in a digital marketing strategy is to take advantage of those features.
Some ideas on how to do it would be:
By way of complementary information. The podcast is an interesting addition to other content, that is, to provide new information, not repeating what is already written.
For special content. Thus we will have the best content in different formats and will, therefore, reach another type of audience.
Use the podcast as a means to answer the questions that fans want to ask.
A podcast with the collaboration of experts, influencers, or KOL (Key Opinion Leader) will give more strength and multiply the quality of the topic being treated and, therefore, followers will be more interested in listening to it.

How can we promote them?

 There are different ways to do it:
You can create groups in which you join people with the same tastes and interests. This will benefit you since you will know that those who are there have an interest in the topic you develop in the podcast.
You can use social networks to share podcasts. Taking advantage of social networks, you can disseminate the content. So make sure they know that if they hear the podcast, they will receive something. For example, a very fashionable format is Instagram Stories.
If you create an expectation for your listeners, interest will increase. Notify your subscribed listeners and those who don’t, so that they know that on such a day they will be able to enjoy the content that may interest them a lot to listen to.
Using this format is fine, but you have to upload them to a platform where subscribers can access any of them anytime. Some of them are Spotify, Apple, etc. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, so you must choose the one that best suits your content, target audience, needs, and objectives.

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