Mobile App Development To Increase in market

There is no doubt about the fact that world’s giant companies are resorting to mobile app development to raise the level of sales in the market as compared to the sales in the physical business market. Not only giant companies are aware of the importance of the mobile apps being taken to the users and customers but the startups are also investing into the apps from the very initial point when they start their business.

Resorting to Mobile App Development

This is because of the fact that there are so many advantages of having an app made with all the features and functionalities of a mobile app that is simply not possible with a website.

mobile app

If the goal of any company, say for example: Starbucks has a goal of reaching to the target consumers with so much ease and hassle-free features that would actually take their sales to the next level possible rather than affecting the business badly!

Who would have otherwise ever thought that a coffee shop would have a mobile app that would make the consumers and fans of StarBucks coffee, a brand to be an incomparable one ever? Let’s take a case study of Fortune 500 Starbucks with 21,000 cafes in 66 countries in this blog post.

As we are already aware that Starbucks has made a name in the world by providing coffee made with the best beans chosen from around the best coffee producers of the world including Indian coffee beans. After all, the turnover of over $18 billion can’t be achieved easily and one of the major factors of this much success can surely be called to be the mobile app development using which the app users can create their own coffee customized to their own needs even before they reach the Starbucks coffee shop.

Scanning barcodes to make the things easier especially in the United States which account for 20% of the sales and profit from the app of Starbucks. One can easily account for  the total profit that Starbucks get from all the countries put together.

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Let’s get into the secret folds now. After all, these answers are what you have been looking for before you want to hire mobile app developer to get an ultimately addicting app to sell an addicting product (here- coffee!)

One of the major questions we are most asked about is how and why doesn’t people get so much attracted to the Starbucks app and why other premium coffee brands as Costa Coffee and others have not been able to rock among the people and how Starbucks had made it through in this fierce competition in all the countries as McDonalds and KFC.

Well, there is one reliable reason that would convince you to believe in the success of Starbucks and that is getting a mobile app that has all the awesome features as being able to order the coffee in your own style before even reaching the Starbucks outlet. Moreso, we can’t question the quality and taste of Starbucks coffee, but it is definitely the card app by them which gets the ball rolling to attract and retain the.

And how about a free coffee by Starbucks? Who would like to miss it when you are being rewarded for being their loyal customer for long…

The app is like butter-smooth to use, so this hassle-free ordering from the app makes it a most sought after app ever. Thanks to the mobile app development company which built their app in so unique and dynamic experience for their customers and app users.

Moreover, when the users of the app download the app and order coffee, they are given 1 stars every time they order from the app rather than standing in the queue and waiting for the order. When these stars accumulate after every order made from the app, the app user can get a free coffee after many stars are accumulated as the rewards of being their regular long-time customers. They also have a monthly magical day when the customers are given more rewards per coffee.


It’s important to get regular feedback from Starbucks change after launching a mobile app. We can easily tell how Starbucks creates sales channels for a mobile app and maintains customer loyalty. You should hire mobile app developer who will gladly do this for you and your business.

Regardless of what your business does, the most important thing is to ask customer feedback from multiple channels, such as a social site, Facebook, or the app itself. An app is not always perfect. There is always a room for improvement.


Therefore, it can be said that any restaurant or a giant company like Starbucks can raise the business to a new level only if the app developed for the users and regular customers are given some exclusive benefits along with the smooth navigation and ultimate experience of the app.

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