Best Programming Languages to help you get the Projects

Projects As open source projects continue to bloom with increasing strength, even large corporations like Google, Microsoft, as well as Facebook are adopting such projects of their own. Antithetical to the direct resistance faced by developers of early open source projects, today most open source developers are welcomed in high regards within the community.

Open Source Projects

Thanks to the smart implementation of the most popular programming languages, open source development has turned the spate on its consideration.

The open source ecosystem has become gigantic, thanks to the ongoing contribution of local community members. Long gone the days when big corporations used to incorporate personalized computer programming languages as well as techniques to assist their dominion projects.Projects

Scope of Open Source Projects

Today, most commercial applications are being incited by more than one open source technologies. And as the scope of open source projects continues to increase, we’re seeing a lot of experimentation aimed at breaking the traditional boundaries of the top programming languages.

Newer projects are evolving every day, and not every one of them is based on the most popular programming languages. Contemporary languages such as Go, Scala, and Rust are employed heavily by many programming fanatics to create a new development paradigm. Many such projects have been successful enough to draw more attention to new programming languages.

Some Most Popular Programming Languages:

1. Javascript

It should not come as a surprise when you see JavaScript at the top of almost every modern list of most popular programming languages. Thanks to its continuous assimilation into the latest open source projects, JavaScript has been experiencing an extensive growth many of us old folks never anticipated. There’s more than one driving factor behind this latest trend of using JavaScript in open source projects.With the inception of the infamous Node JS runtime, developers can employ this language in both the backend and frontend of their projects. Plus, more than 94.9% of all websites today use JavaScript.

So, it opens up new possibilities every day to develop something extraordinary. As a mean, most web developers are grasping JavaScript, once seen as a redundant language for their latest open source contributions. With its increasing strength JavaScript, today is considered among the most popular programming languages.

2. Python

One of the most used programming languages of our time, Python continues to hold its ground among open source contributors and isn’t going away soon. Python, as a full-fledged language, can be employed into many different types of projects including but not limited to developing APIs, crawlers, scrapers, backend systems, and so on. You can even develop compound desktop applications using this popular accent of computer languages.

Python is being heavily incorporated in machine learning and data analytics, thanks to a vast number of top-notch plugins and third-party libraries. Libraries like SciPY and Panda have a massive fanbase and are exceptionally popular in the industry.

It’s this availability of handy third-party libraries that make Python one of the most popular programming languages today. Although not dimmed suitable for handling applications that require low-level manipulation of the system, you can use this language for almost every type of open source projects.

3. Java

One of the best programming language to ever walk the assuage of open source developers, Java is still applicable to the community as it was decades ago. Since its emergence in the early 90s, Java has retained its position as one of the most popular programming languages, and for good reasons.

The JVM(Java Virtual Machine) paradigm employed in Java makes sure any software written with this language will run on virtually every system. Other top programming languages often unmatch Java’s ability to scale even the most lengthy applications.

With one of the largest developer community, Java is undoubtedly going to retain its position as one of the top programming languages for years to come. Industries usually always pay extra attention to Java developers. So, developing a revolutionary open source application using it will bring you in front of the enormous limelight. That’s why a large number of new open source developers side with Java for building their next dream project.

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4. C++

The sequel to C, the pioneer of the modern world’s most used programming languages, C++ is not going to be redundant in decades to come. Every complicated system in the world starting from your operating system to large government authority, utilize C++ in one form or the other.

Even Google uses this language to power it is most resource comprehensive operations. As C++ gives developers access to very low-level system components out of the box, it is used extensively in every type of embedded systems we’re familiar with.

5. Swift

Considering it’s a much newer language than some other picks, Swift is going very strong these recent years. The massive boost experienced by Swift, one of the latest programming languages is due to the convenience it offers to open source developers. The language behind most modern iOS applications, Swift has a lot to offer regarding developing high-tech open source projects.

The scope of building iOS apps has contributed heavily to an increasing number of Swift developers as Apple’s iPhone continues to retain its position as one of the best mobile smartphones to date.

Swift is obvious to understand and is very expressive. It enables even the newest developers to power flexible and modern iOS applications. So, we can’t but anticipate a bright future for this awe-inspiring programming language.

6. TypeScript

One of the trendiest latest programming languages, TypeScript is designed and maintained by Microsoft. It’s basically just a superset of JavaScript with the additional ability to static typing. TypeScript is dimmed suitable to almost every large scale web applications and can also aid in developing desktop applications, thanks to cross-platform frameworks such as Electron.

If you’re looking forward to building the next generation of web apps and finding JavaScript to be too astonishing, you can clinch TypeScript for your project right away. TypeScript reduces many of the redundancies associated with JavaScript, without compromising any of its functionality. So, it’s the best programming language to develop modern open source projects that utilize a lot of web components.

7. SQL

Despite being in the industry for decades, SQL isn’t going to lose any of its charms soon. This is still one of the top programming languages that can make or break your job interviews.

Although SQL is aimed at solving problems for data management and can’t be used for developing other more traditional software, SQL is and will be the go-to language to tackle all those data associated with most modern applications.

Also, as we continue to see a massive rise in the data analytics field, SQL opens up newer possibilities for developing cutting-edge open source projects. With an increasing number of data-based open source projects coming out every day, it’s time to embrace SQL, one of the most popular programming languages and build something extraordinary for your peers of the open source community.

8. Ruby

One of the most used programming languages of this generation, Ruby was developed in the mid-90s but gained most of its notoriety during the last decades or so. It is an interpreted, dynamic, and object-oriented language, much like Python and even feels the same in many aspects.

With the inception of powerful web frameworks such as Ruby on Rails and Sinatra, Ruby started to power most of the modern web apps before losing the spotlight to JavaScript stacks. Many famous modern web apps such as Github, Airbnb, ASKfm, Goodreads, and Fiverr utilize ruby in one way or another.

Popular open source projects that employ Ruby include Homebrew, Discourse, Metasploit Framework, and many more. So, Ruby is the language to learn if you want to start contributing to big open source projects right from today.

9. R Programming Language

Aimed at aiding complex statistical analysis and solving redundant graphics programming, R is one of the top programming languages reining in these past years. The language is most suitable and used for ad hoc analysis and exploring large datasets.

However, you can even use the R programming language for open source data mining projects also. R is one of the two most used programming languages used by data scientists, along with Python. R has much stronger object-oriented features than most statistical programming languages and comes with lexical analysis to ease your programming experience even further.

Rd, R’s own LaTeX-like documentation format is widely used in the community and can help you create professional documentation for your open source projects. If you want to curate a top-notch open source project for helping your fellow developers clean, visualize or analyze their data efficiently, we highly recommend you to utilize this innovative computer programming language.

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