A ‘master’ in imagery analysis & Surveying Systems

Imagery analysis can be a tricky affair, but not when you have Trimble’s Inpho UASMaster, which practically overcomes all odds with its defining features. It is a photogrammetric workstation for UAS (unmanned aerial systems) and terrestrial close-range imagery from drones, aerial mapping and surveying systems.

imagery analysis

Imagery analysis System

The workstation merges guided workflows with flexibility for assured quality. It processes data from every UAV hardware vendor and can work with both fixed-wing vehicles and copter-type aircraft, providing high-quality results. With the help of computer vision algorithms, the output is processed automatically.

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Enhanced functionality

Powered with the groundbreaking Inpho technology, UASMaster bridges the gap between normal non-photogrammetric workflows and photogrammetry-expert workflows. It provides a complete photogrammetric workflow in a single product, along with geo-referencing, calibration, refinement, and analysis. Users can also create colorized dense point clouds, surface models and bare earth terrain models.

Thanks to UASMaster, refining, and editing terrain models, collecting GIS data and creating vector maps on 3D imagery has become much simpler. Imaging point clouds can be created as a cost-effective alternative to laser scans and fetch all relevant insights from imagery so that it can be conveniently transferred.

imagery analysis Hassle-free processing

There is a provision of high-quality GNSS data for processing in difficult conditions and doing away with the need for ground control. This streamlines the workflows for automatic feature extraction and seamless integration with Trimble Business Center. Another added advantage of UASMaster is that the user doesn’t need to know about the camera parameters or ground control since the only prerequisite is imagery.

The latest version of Inpho has MATCH-3DX Meshing add-on using which photogrammetrists can generate highly accurate, photorealistic textured meshes that enable users to comprehend the real-world environment.

“Inpho version 9 combines both classical photogrammetric processing with new true orthos and photorealistic textured mesh deliverables, all in a single software environment,” says Tim Lemmon, Marketing Director, Trimble Geospatial. “Photogrammetrists can take advantage of the streamlined workflows and reduced training costs while having the ultimate flexibility to choose the workflow and deliverables best suited to their client needs,” he adds.

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