6 Things you should know about Facebook Operating System

Facebook is gearing up to break free! The social media giant is building a custom new operating system from scratch and the intent is clear – Facebook wants to end its dependence on Google’s Android. Another reason for this move can be to make Facebook’s upcoming devices self-reliant and secure in the event of a future disagreement with Google. It’s a big, bold move on part of Facebook.


Facebook’s Operating System

1.Facebook’s OS Project is Being Handled by Mark Lucovsky

Facebook has put its ambitious new project into the expert, dependable hands of renowned software developer Mark Lucovsky. Lucovsky’s resume includes stints with Microsoft, Google and VMware. He is notable for being the co-author of Microsoft’s operating system Windows NT and serving as the technical director for Google’s Ajax technologies.

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2.The New OS Will Be Focused On Facebook’s Future Hardware Products

Facebook has several future hardware projects in the pipeline. These include virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) devices like AR glasses with built in software, video calling devices on the lines of Portal and VR headsets similar to Oculus. These devices have the potential to one day replace the smartphone itself. The new operating system is expected to be designed to provide for the software requirements of the new range of devices.

Facebook is also working on the second-generation models of its Portal devices – smart displays that offer video chat facility through WhatsApp Messenger. The first generation of Facebook Portal devices worked with Amazon’s Alexa. It’s likely that Facebook would look to integrate the future models of Portal devices with its own operating system and look to give rival devices such as Amazon Echo Show and Google Nest smart screens a run for their money.

The new operating system will also ensure all these upcoming Facebook devices have a secure future even if the market and competitors turn hostile.

3.The New OS Will Help Facebook Create Its Own Unique Space And Identity

A big benefit of having its own operating system is that Facebook will have the freedom to further develop its social interactions and put its own privacy policy in effect. Facebook has long relied on operating systems built by Google and Apple, both of which also happen to be the social networking giant’s biggest rivals.

If Facebook’s operating system is able to match the features and performance of other popular operating systems, it will be a big boost not just to the business, but also to Facebook’s brand value.

4.Facebook’s Upcoming OS Will Further Its Diversification Goals

Facebook’s ambitions of diversifying beyond social networking are well documented. The company first acquired Instagram – the photo editing app – back in 2012, and then followed it up by buying WhatsApp in 2014. That’s not all – Facebook has been investing in varied services like entertainment, hardware and payments over the past several years.

Facebook is also working on the prototype for a new VR video conference system, and its very own voice assistant. In addition, the company has revealed the plan to venture into true retail by constructing a physical retail space for its hardware line at its offices at Burlingame.

A well-rounded operating system of its own will be a big boost to Facebook’s diversification plans and we can expect the company to explore even more exciting avenues in the future.

5.The New OS Has The Potential To Bring In A New Era Of IoT Devices

Facebook has tried its hand at creating a mobile device in the past and has learned from that failure. The new operating system is taking a different route – instead of entering the smartphone OS market and trying to compete with Android and IOS, Facebook’s operating system will instead focus on Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices.

Facebook has been working on a brand-new brain-computer interface for a while now. While that technology is still several years from initial launch, Facebook has revealed that it has been able to shrink the technology to a device you can hold in the palm of your hand.

The new operating system is expected to work with the variations of Facebook’s brain-compute interface technology and create smart wearables such as armbands, eye and headgears that can identify, track and learn from physical movements correlated to the brain’s signals.

6.Facebook’s Custom OS Will Heat Up The Competition

The launch of Facebook’s operating system will most likely lead to the company parting ways with Google. Once the operating system is out, we can expect both Google and Apple to double up on their own efforts to maintain market control. In that event, the competition will really heat up and we can expect all three companies to adopt some exciting new strategies and present the world with some game-changing technologies.

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